The Federation  comprises a network of fourteen Constituent and seven Affiliated Synagogues 


As well as looking after its member synagogues, the Federation  has a Beis Din, a Burial Society and runs a Kosher Food Licensing organisation


The Federation Beis Din's dynamic Dayanim are internationally recognised authorities and are always available to discuss halachic questions. As a formal Beis Din they hear civil cases and deal with matrimonial matters


The Federation has its own Kashrus Division and issues local Kosher Catering Licences as well as undertaking Product Certification at home and abroad


The Federation is going through an exciting period of growth and is developing new communities. It provides numerous shiurim throughout its synagogues and is very involved with formal and informal education including student chaplaincy



Weekly Parsha: Tzav
Shabbat Starts: 6:09PM
Shabbat Ends: 7:17PM

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Friday 27th March

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